Top Flower Valleys in the World – 2021

Last Updated: 30th December, 2020

Guest Post: Elaine M.

Top Flower Valleys in the World

Top Flower Valleys in The World That Will Make You Feel In Heaven

We have always believed that the world we live in is a piece of enchanting scenic beauty, and the beautiful flower valleys around the World will show you how true it is!

Imagine yourself in the middle of a sea of flowers, velvety-green meadows, dense forests, and gorgeous valleys; does it sound like the place you have always wanted to see? If so, then this list of spectacular Flower Valleys in the World is sure to sway you away.

Here are TOP recommendations for seeing wildflowers in all their glory, in all their different habitats. Just remember to look and not touch—picking flowers from national parks is illegal, after all.

1. Crested Butte Valley in Colorado

Wildflowers outside Crested Butte, Colorado

Crested Butte Valley in Colorado

The mountains and valleys around Crested Butte, officially honored as the “Wildflower Capital of Colorado,” are a jumble of color in late spring and summer as the blooms progress: blue columbines, red Indian paintbrushes, yellow sunflowers, purple delphiniums, and dark-blue lupines, among many others. Almost any trail in the nearby National Forest land will lead to magnificent wildflower views, including the route leading from Crested Butte to Gothic, eight miles north. And in early July, Crested Butte hosts a weeklong wildflower festival.

Crested Butte Valley in Colorado is covered with a fragrant and spectacular flower carpet during the spring season. The valley is immersed in the sea of flowers, they even grow in the backyards and gardens of the local residents. The natives believe that it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth, there’s no denying that it’s so majestic.

The beautiful Crested Butte Valley is home to 55 species of splendid flowers, including Indian Paintbrush, Sunflowers, Lupine, and Columbine. It also makes an amazing landscape for photo walks and overnight outings in the middle of wildflowers.

Where is Crested Butte Valley: Gunnison County, the United States

The best time to visit Crested Butte Valley: The end of June to July

2. Rose Valley in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Rose Valley

A divine fragrance in the air and meadows veiled by pink and red roses—that’s how it feels being in Rose Valley during the summer. Damask roses are cultivated in the region that lies between valleys near the Bulgarian town of Kazanlak since the 18th century.

Tourists who go to visit the valley end up buying damask rose essential oil, which is considered the best in the world. One can attend the rose festival in the valley that begins with the gathering of petals and ends with choosing the new Queens of Roses.

The significance of the rose in Bulgarian culture

For centuries, the Rose Valley has been a rose-growing area of great importance. The rose oil produced from the special variety Rosa Damascena was used for women’s beauty products and perfumes. Today, the rose is one of the symbols of Bulgaria and attracts visitors from all over the world, especially from Japan where the rose is also culturally important.

Where is Rose Valley: Bulgaria

The best time to visit Rose Valley: June to July

3. Tulips in BC’s Fraser Valley

About 100 km east of Vancouver is British Columbia’s Fraser Valley.

Tulip in Fraser Valley

Lovers of colourful tulips should head into the Fraser Valley. The Abbotsford Tulip Festival traces its history back to when a Dutch immigrant, 50 years ago, first planted gladiolas, then tulips, daffodils, and peonies. Today, every spring his granddaughter turns a four-hectare (10-acre) farm into colourful fields with more than 2.5 million tulips from 50 different varieties. This third-generation farm is one of two stops along the area’s aptly named Fraser Valley Tulip Trail.

Where is Fraser Valley Tulip Trail: Vancouver, Canada

The best time to visit Rose Valley: April – May

4. Yellowstone National Park in the United States

Yellowstone National Park Flower Valley

Yellowstone is seasonal. Plan Your Visit by learning about current conditions, seasons, road conditions, services, activities, and more.

People visit Yellowstone and discover an amazing variety of experiences and destinations. We hope you’ll have fun, make lifelong memories, and enjoy this special place.

Top Things To Know before Travelling to Yellowstone National Park

1. Be Patient and Flexible

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Yellowstone during the months of June, July, and August. It’s also a big place: traffic and road construction often make drive times longer than expected.

2. Cell service and bandwidth are limited.

Don’t be surprised if you can’t receive calls or texts, even in the few areas you have cell reception.

3. Digital guide to enhance your experience

Download the free NPS Yellowstone app (and offline content) before you arrive.

4. Plan ahead

Campgrounds and lodges fill early, so finding a place to sleep at the last minute is unlikely.

5. Drive responsibly

Observe posted speed limits and use pullouts to watch wildlife, take pictures, and let other cars pass.

6. Stay on boardwalks

Hot springs have injured more people than any other natural feature (including animals).

7. Bears inhabit the entire park

Bears are not just the backcountry, so learn how to travel safely in bear country.

8. Practice safe selfies

Never approach animals to take pictures and alway be aware of your surroundings.

9. Early (and late) birds avoid crowds and traffic.

Visit the park during nonpeak hours—before 9 am and after 3 pm. Check out the list of seasonal highlights.

10. Explore beyond our borders

The Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem includes much more than the park. Plan your trip to take in the vibrant communities, public lands, and natural wonders throughout this area.

France. Lavender fields

Many fields of Provence in France are covered with a fragrant lavender carpet. The Valensole city is literally immersed in these gentle violet flowers: even the homes of local residents are decorated with lavender. Here you can buy natural cosmetics containing the lavender essential oil, soap, honey, bags of dried flowers.

Lavender blossoms from June to August, but it’s already in July that people start to mow it. Beware of wasps when you visit the lavender fields: they are attracted by the striking fragrance of the flowers. Is best to travel across the Provence region by car to see as many fields as possible, or by bike.

During the collection of lavender harvest there are festivals dedicated to this flower. Such holiday can be attended in Valensole: usually it’s on the third Sunday of July.