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What’s coming in iOS 12

Wondering what’s new in iOS 12? Get a sneak peak here: Performance Improvements: iOS 12 is designed to make everyday tasks really fast and the users will get a feel of better response time with a major performance improvements across the Operating System. Grouped Notification: Multiple notifications from […]

Google Celebrates 130th Birth Anniversary of Oskar Schlemmer with a Doodle

Happy Birthday, Oskar Schlemmer ! Google celebrates the 130th Birth Anniversary of German painter, sculptor, designer and choreographer Oskar Schlemmer, who was a German artist and choreographer known for both his paintings and ballet productions. His best-known work, The Triadic Ballet (1922), reflected Schlemmer’s interest in the convergence of colors, shapes, and human movement. “If today’s arts love the machine, […]

Top features in Android 9 Pie

It’s official now that Android 9 will be called Android Pie. This latest version of Android mobile operating system will be rolled out to select smartphones. Android Pie shifts the focus on artificial intelligence, which will power the user experience on the OS. Android 9 Pie is a feature-rich […]

Is InfoWars a Conspiracy Website?

What exactly is InfoWars? Founded by radio host and notorious conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, Info Wars is an infamous multimedia outlet. Alex is believed to be an old fashioned man and he is passionate affected by the subject matter he deals with. InfoWars boasts of radio shows, InfoWars has […]