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Launched in 2018 as a community for creative Entrepreneurs, Bloggers, and Small Biz, this site is a quickly growing collective of go-getters from all around the world.


Mortgages in Canada

Mortgages in Canada This article lists the many variations of Mortgages in Canada. You will see a lot of talk on here and everywhere about CMHC or mortgage insurance. This is the insurance that you pay if you purchase a home with less than 20% down. This is […]


Car Insurance

Car Insurance This article provides in-depth information on various Types of Car Insurance Coverage (mostly applicable for drivers living in the US) and also on how to Save on Insurance effectively. Types of Coverage Your auto policy is broken down into different coverage types. The types are fairly […]


History of India

HISTORY OF INDIA It’s amazing to learn about the Indian History which we often miss out in schools. I never knew there was a Greek Indian Kingdom in India for a significant time till I checked out the map of Empires of India. I find it quite surprising […]


Samsung’s Upcoming Foldable Phone

Samsung’s Upcoming Foldable Phone It’s finally official for all Samsung lovers. via GIPHY Yes, Samsung has finally revealed its groundbreaking foldable phone after years of speculation, rumors, teases and mocked up protoypes. Despite the media hype and teases from Samsung, this event never really hinged on the foldable […]


Google’s Future Competitor

Who’s Google’s Future Competitor? We all know “Google” for the past 20 years as the biggest company which provides services like Gmail, Search Engine, Mobile OS, YouTube etc. Ever wondered how they make profit? As we all know, they earn money only from their advertisement tool called Google […]

Python 3.x

Last Updated: 24-Nov, 2018 Why do people prefer Pandas over SQL You can probably have many technical discussions around this, but I’m considering the user perspective below. One simple reason why you may see a lot more questions around Pandas data manipulation as opposed to SQL is that […]