Bank ATM migration to Windows 10 – Deadline Jan-2020

Last Updated: 28th October, 2020

Bank ATM migration to Windows 10 - Deadline Jan-2020

Bank ATM migration to Windows 10

The banking sector will face a big ATM migration challenge in 2020. Microsoft made the official announcement: Windows 7 (operating system for many ATMs) extended support will end on January 14, 2020. Consequently, all banks have to update their entire ATM network by installing a new operating system caring about data security.

The wave of sticker shock and nausea is growing as financial institutions are now receiving their Windows 10 pricing from ATM vendors.

Core upgrades, ATM rip-and-replace, service calls, OEM maintenance licenses and organizational disruption — big expense without a single dollar in additional revenue. Oh, and you’d better hurry up and commit to a Win10 upgrade now because lead times on those new Win10 ATMs is six months and growing.

With less than a month left before Windows 7 goes end-of-life, who can blame financial institutions for feeling like they are over the proverbial barrel — again.

There are about 3.2 million ATMs in the world. They are used daily by billions of people, but only a few know that most ATMs work on the Windows operating system.

A lot of ATMs around the globe are still running Windows XP embedded, long after Microsoft ceased support with security and stability patches. Support for Windows XP was discontinued in 2014, which means that since then the Microsoft Company has not rolled out any security updates for this Windows version.

BANK Expenditure or Investment?

It‘s time to get prepared for ATM migration to Windows 10. It is not a secret that many banks have delayed the decison. What is the reason? It seems to be due to extra costs for the bank, but does this need to be consider as expenditure or investment?

Undoubtedly, it must be seen as an investment. Not just an investment into new software, but into ATM network safety. That means investing into the bank’s reputation given what we know about criminal activity surrounding ATMS.

So, why is it beneficial to migrate to Windows 10?

  1. Greater security is ensured. This operating system is compatible with the latest PCI and VISA safety standards. The Secure Boot requires that any program that begins as the operating system startup needs to be signed off by both Microsoft and the hardware manufacturer. Security additions with Windows 10 make the Secure Boot feature tamper-proof.
  2. It is the most suitable platform for making ATMs work as an extra distribution or sales channel.
  3. Windows 10 reduces maintenance costs by getting the latest software and security updates. ATMs with outdated software support can be risky and expensive.
  4. Long-term investment. Microsoft is about to support Windows 10 operating system to 2026. This will allow financial organisations to plan their expenses for ATM software.

ATMs migration to Windows 10 is a long and complicated process. Financial experts advise not to postpone it to the last minute and not to risk safety and reputation, which can be compromised by using an obsolete unsafe operating system.

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