How do Indians feel about the upcoming 2019 General Election

Mega Times Group poll:

71.9% of Indians say they will vote for Narendra Modi as Prime Minister again in 2019

India Today Mood of the Nation Poll:

Why 2019 general elections could be a clash of coalitions. In 2019, it’s personality versus arithmetic.

  • Narendra Modi will win 2019 elections as there is no alternative. Really?
  • Ageing population may hurt BJP in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.
  • BJP will fall short of majority if elections are held today, reveals survey.
  • Will Demonetization impact BJP in 2019 elections?
  • What will happen if BJP doesn’t win?

PM Modi believes his government has done a lot for the middle class; here’s why

“The middle class is the only section in the society that bothers about the poorest section and wants maximum benefits to be given to such people. So as a country, it is our not only our responsibility but it is the national duty to uplift the middle class,” says the PM.

The prime minister also said that his government’s policies had benefited the middle class. He explained: “Let’s take inflation. You know what it was then….check newspaper cuttings of reports before 2014, you will come to know that we have brought down inflation from 18 per cent to 2-3 per cent. If there’s any section that has benefitted the most from this, is middle class.”

Total Votes : 41,143,115*

*(Last Updated: 25th February, 2019)

Vote, your opinion matters…

Will NDA Win 2019 General Elections?

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