Can you download Android Pie today?


Although it’s not fully available, you can still download Android 9 Pie final build.

Only a number of handsets are compatible with the preview of Google’s next major operating system upgrade, the Android P Beta.

As of today, it’s only Google’s Pixel handsets and the Essential Phone, which are getting the full, final version of Android Pie. Note that it’s not arriving with all the new features available, like for example App Slices are coming later this year.
The other devices will only receive the Android Pie update by the end of Fall (End of October – December 21 2018).

Downloading Android 9 Pie – It’s pretty straightforward

1. You’ll need to own one of four phones to get the Android Pie update right now. The handsets which can get the update as of today are;

Google Pixel,

Pixel XL,

Pixel 2

Pixel 2 XL.

2. Android Pie will arrive as an over-the-air update, so you’ll need to head to

Settings > System > System Update to see if it’s landed on your handset.

You may even get a notification alerting you that the Android 9 update is available.

3. Tap download and install.

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