World of Warcraft – How to make stupid amounts of gold: “THE GUIDE”

Last Updated: 7th September, 2020

Guest Post: Alen

World of Warcraft - How to make stupid amounts of gold: "THE GUIDE"

Complete Guide to make Gold in World of Warcraft

Hey guys I wanted to write a guide on how I make my gold currently (This only really works like it did for me on high/full pop servers) it will probably work on smaller servers but won’t be met with the same level of success I’ve had. Since the announcement of the bronti boi’s extinction coming soon I decided to do the one thing I’ve never done in world of warcraft.

Gold Making

I have done everything from getting gladiator to hitting records for mythic plus clear times/key difficulties. I had no idea really where to start. I decided to focus on the profession I had. I had alchemy with a couple of the rank 3s setup but I did have to go out and find a couple of them. I did a quick search of my AH and did the math. It looked like none of the flasks/pots were profitable in the least. I did some research and learned I needed my tools of the trade. This taught me a valuable lesson. Most people do not like doing stuff for free, so most people do not do stuff for free. If the prices are where they are at most of the time there is a reason. I just had to figure out how to do the things everyone else was doing to ensure I made profit. I picked up my tools of the trade and I was off to the races. Here is the process I use.

• Get TSM and set it up (watch Samadan or Tr4xgamings videos)

• Get tools of the trade/rank 3s

• Stock up herbs when they are low price.

Buy enough to continually craft the entire time silas is up. I think its around 21k zin’anthid (you can do it with less it is just inefficent). You may have to be inefficent when you first start out and that is okay.

• Check the price of potions/flasks to figure out which to craft.

• Only craft during your silas proc.

This ensures you craft 1.7 potions/flasks per time you craft. (THIS DOESN’T WORK UNLESS YOU HAVE RANK 3s) • Check prices again and post.

• Watch your potions/flasks to see if you’ve been undercut.

Cancel scanning/reposting is a huge part of how you’re going to make all your gold. (Very competitive while selling potions/flasks) your competition will do this so you need to as well.

• Take all the money you made from all your sales and REINVEST that money into MORE materials.

This step is one of the most important part in the way I make gold. Gold just sitting in your bags (for the most part) is just a waste.

• Rinse and repeat.

It was at this point I felt I was spending all my play time at the AH. I have a more than full time job, a newborn daughter and a wife so the amount of time I play is very limited. I didn’t want my wow experience to be sitting at the AH and crafting since that is boring and I could increase my gold per hour by what I enjoy doing most (high end mythic plus/mythic plus carries). While mythic plus carries are less gold per hour than what I do crafting I still do them because I enjoy them. I went ahead and used my gold to buy a second wow account to sit at the AH while I play to cancel scan/repost my auctions. This has been by far the biggest boost to my gold making capability by far. The ability to cancel scan/repost while I do any other activity in wow. To tab while I’m waiting for my group to show up to a dungeon and scan my most purchased materials. Ect. The second account MORE than pays for itself like exponentially more than the cost of the one wow token you need a month.

Once I had my alchemy giving me a fairly nice profit and I felt I had got things rolling I decided to drop my herbalism because it just seemed a waste of time. I didn’t really use it at all because buying the materials off the AH was just far more efficent. I picked up inscription and looked at my TSM when I had it all leveled up. I found out that to make any real profit with inscription I had to mill my own herbs. Here is what the process looks like.

• Buy cheapest herb off AH in bulk.

• Mass mill (looking for crimson pigment) .

• Craft pigment into ink. I only really make ultramarine/crimson ink.

• Check price of war-scrolls, tomes, trinkets, glyphs.

• Craft according to what is most profitable while still diversifying what I make.

• Post up on AH (make sure to cancel scan/repost)

• Rinse and repeat

The glyphs that you can make provide a decent profit but the big money making glyphs are the rare legion glyphs you pick up from farming/buying from vendors/quests. Those glyphs have a HUGE profit margin some over 8k to 9k on my server. These are not necessary to make money with inscription but they are nice to have. If you need sallow pigment try milling astral glory. It provides quite a bit of sallow pigment/roseate pigment compared to the other herbs. They are usually pretty cheap as people don’t really know this. (A tip I use to make sure I’m not sitting there looking at my character crafting is to just craft my inks/mill while I AFK. You don’t want to spend all your play time watching your character crafting. I usually play with my daughter, cook, or do chores while I do this).

I also setup cooking because if I am going to sell almost every consumable in the game I might as well do food too. The profit margins on the buff food are quite lucrative and they sell just as fast as any other consumable. Rank 3s in this profession are incredibly important. Make sure you have rank 3s in everything you plan to sell otherwise you will probably lose money. Cooking also opens the doors for one of the best farms in game in my experience. Go to mechagon and join a 2 x 4 spare parts farming group. Farm in that group and collect the hardened springs, machined gear assembly, tempered plating and sell these on the AH you get a ton of them and they sell for A LOT of gold. Then take all the spare parts you get. Turn them into spare crates and make famine evaluator and snack tables. Sell those on the AH. I average 60-70k an hour with this farm. It’s really the only one I do. A lot of streamers/youtubers post up videos of make 50k-200k an hour with this farm! Well Im going to be honest that 50k-200k an hour is just in auction house value rather than actual gold. With this farm its a real 60-70k an hour that people actually buy fairly quickly.

Once I had this setup I decided I might as well setup my expulsom making character. I had a warlock with tailoring/enchanting. Lucky I had the required rep for my rank 3s with enchanting (warlock was my old main). I started doing the expulsom shuffle.

• Buy cheap tidespray linen.

• Make into tidespray linen bracers.

• Send the greens off to whichever character needs expulsom.

• Keep the blues to D/E. (Tools of the trade required so you get more mats + chance at veiled crystals)

• Craft enchants with materials made to help offset tidespray linen costs.

• sell items that need expulsom for profit.

I do not do the epic bracer part of the shuffle since veiled crystals are so cheap on my server. Enchanting/tailoring are more side projects that I do occasionally to make a couple of pieces of each of the crafted gear/follower equipment/mount equipment.

When I had my expulsom creating character setup I decided to hop into blacksmithing/leatherworking. I use these mostly for mount equipment/follower equipment/crafted gear. These professions require very little attention because the items they make sell quite a bit slower (excluding mount/follower equipment). I do not rely on these for a lot of my gold income but it does help diversify the items I sell. I’d say more like passive income rather than active income like alchemy or inscription. When I set up these two the only thing I really wanted to sell was the mount equipment, monel-hardened stirrups, and platinum whetstones (I think that is the name of the item). It takes very little effort to keep up with and profits are high.

I currently do not have jewelcrafting or engineering setup yet but I have plans to get them setup shortly. I plan on downloading the WorthIt addon made my Dala gg because it has a function that will tell you if prospecting ore is “worth it”. I also do not have any of the old world crafting stuff setup yet. (Transmog, old potions, sky golems, panthers, vials,twink enchants, ect). I feel I am missing out on quite a bit of gold by not having these setup but like I said my play time is limited. I do feel I have just scraped the tip of the iceberg with gold making and there is so much more for me to do.

I also do quite a bit of BoE and material flipping. I have a shopping group setup for the materials I buy and flip. I flip a lot of the old world stuff since their markets are much more volatile and lucrative. I do bargin hunt for cheap current content materials a couple of times a day but I generally use those rather than flip them. I also got into the BoE flipping market. I generally purchase items from trade chat and relist them on the AH. I haven’t had much success buying off the AH and relisting those so trade chat is my best friend in this area. There are a few other things that are current content that I flip but I would prefer to keep them a secret since flipping them can be quite lucrative.

I always keep quite the stock of items in mybank/gbank. I currently have 6 million in items sitting in there waiting for the best opportunity to sell each one. For instance today empowered proximity potions are going for 128g over their crafting cost (highly unusual) but I have the inventory to capitalize on this situation. Lets say the price tanks on those but tomorrow unbridled fury potions are selling for an insane markup. I have the inventory to capitalize on that. I dislike doing stuff for free or even low profit so this method for me ensures that no matter the situation I can capitalize. This also means if one item has a very low profit margin you can just stick it back in your bank and wait until the price goes back up again. These methods that I am outlining here I think only work on bigger servers because the rate at which things sell on my server is very high. The margins are sometimes quite low but the sales are insane.

One other thing I need to mention is scale. Scale, scale, scale is where you are really going to make your gold. I want to sell as many consumables as possible. If I can I want to grab as much of the market as I possibly can. When I found something that works I scale it up. Instead of crafting a couple stacks of tomes/flasks/war-scrolls/potions I have stacks on stacks on stacks of them. I buy my herbs/ore/meat using hundreds of thousands of gold at a time. When its a good price BUY IT ALL. If the price is right you cannot buy enough because you WILL be using more. It’s kind of like buying toilet paper in bulk. You feel safe doing so because its not like you are going to stop using it. For example over the past two days I have spend 2.5 million buying up all the cheap materials I can. If something works make sure you ramp up. I even have plans to boost my monk to 120 so I can have two silas procs and so she can stand there crafting inks for me all day.

I love the world of warcraft auction house because it is a microcosm of capitalism in real life. When I watch the price of my flasks for instance I’ve noticed patterns. The market lets say is high at the moment and everyone is undercutting each other trying to make their sales. Well this continues until the profit margin runs into the red or aee so low nobody wants to make that item. Well nobody makes the item so supply dries up. For instance the greater flask of the currents yesterday was selling at a 50g loss even with a silas proc up. Well because of this nobody was making them. There were a few straggling auctions that people had posted (about 50) at this super low price that you would need to buy out before the price was reset to slightly above average price. Well what do you do? Just buy them all out and relist them. All night the margin held at 150g profit til this morning where it dropped to a 100g profit per flask. I have noticed the auction house is like a garden, I do not need to sit there and babysit it all the time but I do need to check on it once and a while. I only do this when I see the opportunity is prime. I don’t try to buy everything up at its normal price and list it out at some outrageous price that will get undercut in minutes. I only do this when prices are extraordinary low and there is not much supply between the min buyout and my target price.

The last large thing I do whenever I am playing is scan trade chat. Wow players are an incredibly impatient set of people or there are a lot that just don’t care about gold. The other day I bought 3k hardened springs for 20g each. They are currently selling for 60g each atm. That same player also sold me a bunch of feasts for half price! Literally half price! I also have deals set up with a couple farmers that sell me herbs/ore that I found from trade chat. I’ve gotten a bunch of BoEs for 40% of their market value because the player wanted their gold NOW. I made over 600k gold just because people wanted their gold NOW. I also got 46 stacks of war-scrolls for half price. The only stipulation was that I buy them ALL and at that price you can bet I bought them all. The auction house isn’t your only resource for sniping. Trade chat is a gold mine that I feel not enough players use.

I currently do about 500k -700k in sales per day with my record being 1.1 mil in a day. I make around 200k – 400k in profit a day with 650k in one day as my record. I have been doing this whole gold making thing for a total of 34 days if you include today. I started up with 10k gold in my bags. I would encourage anyone who is aiming to get the bronti boi to at least give their professions a real try instead of giving up on them because at face value they don’t “seem” to make a profit. Remember as I said before people don’t like doing stuff for free so if others are posting stuff on the AH for what seems a stupid low price there is probably a reason for it.

This has been my guide on making stupid amounts of gold. I am fairly new to all this so I always like hearing about things I may not be doing or things I can do better. I hope some of you folks will be able to tell/show me some of the things I have missed in my gold making adventures! If you made it this far I’d like to thank you for reading.

Thank you for reading my guide and happy gold making!

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