Passive Investing in 2019

Passive Investing for Beginners Passive investing is a growing trend in the investment world. Because of the broad success of index funds, many investors are beginning to question the importance of active money management and whether it may even hurt returns in the long term. Due to the […]


Animal Farm Book

Last Updated: 9th December, 2018 Animal Farm Mr. Jones lay in bed deep in peaceful slumber. Blissfully unaware of the revolution that stirred, a revolution that formed right under. All animals, big and small had come together in a barn outside when night fell. They gathered around the […]


Car Insurance – 2019

Last Updated: 8th January, 2019 Car Insurance This article provides in-depth information on various Types of Car Insurance Coverage (mostly applicable for drivers living in the US) and also on how to Save on Insurance effectively. Types of Coverage Your auto policy is broken down into different coverage […]


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Me and my husband, Rohit, also came as immigrants this year in May. We got guidance from this article and followed the suggested approach. We used to open LinkedIn in the morning, and sort jobs according to date and started applying like 20 or more jobs in a day, no matter if they matched 100 percent or 50 percent and got a number of interview calls by this approach.

Also the writer suggested to create an account in a site HIRED, which helped me appear for interviews. You just have to create a profile on this, and if they accept you, your profile will be online, so that different employers could see them and contact you for interviews. You don’t have to go and apply jobs on this site, instead employers approach you. You can try this as well.